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Cloud Cream Slime

Cloud Cream Slime contains the perfect balance of Cloud and Clay slime mixed together.
This exciting slime is soft and Fluffy with great spreadability and a wonderful texture making it easy to play with and is a good slime for beginners.
Make sure you choose your favourite colour from the drop down menu below when you order.
1 X 125ml Jar Hand Made Cloud Cream Slime
1 X 50ml Borax Activator Solution
R 55,00
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Slime may become a little bit sticky from shipping and temperature conditions. This problem is easily fixed by adding a few drops of activator solution. For your convenience, a small bottle of activator solution is provided in your package with your slime.

Please make sure your hands are clean. To check if the Slime feels sticky open the jar and press your fingers into the slime. If the Slime feels sticky then add the activator in small amounts (two to three drops) and knead it until it is worked through. Be careful not to add too much activator because doing so can cause it to become over-activated and to turn rubbery and not stretchy!

Slime is not for human consumption! DO NOT EAT any slime, even if it smells good!

To help your slime last longer and prevent it from drying up or going bad, return the slime back into the jar after playing with it and make sure the lid is closed tightly and the jar is sealed properly .

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Slime Care Tips                      

* Actual colours may vary from examples shown    

ALLERGY WARNING:                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Please do not play with any slime if you believe you are at risk of having an allergic reaction to any of the following ingredients.  Glue, borax solution, common household toiletries such as  hand and body lotion , shampoo, shaving cream and common craft items such as glitters, foam, beads, clays, craft paints, dyes pigments and acrylic paint.