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Did you know that playing with slime stimulates four of your five senses?

It starts off with your fingers exploring your slime's unique texture (touch), while watching your slime form in your hands (vision). You will then start listening to the satisfying sounds it creates (hearing), and eventually perceive its unique scent (smell).

Have fun and enjoy playing with your Kydz slime.Our Slimes are hand made to order and come complete with Activator. Depending on where you live, your slime could arrive melted due to the warm weather, or cold + stiff due to the cold weather.

You can find fixes for these problems below to help you get the best value out of your hand made Kydz Slime purchase.


Generally handling Slime takes a bit of finesse. Choose a clean, non-porous surface like a kitchen counter top and after activating it to the perfect texture, try poking, kneading, making bubbles etc. When handling the Kydz Slime, it's a good idea to move your hands quickly and constantly. If you just hold it in your hand, your body heat will start to melt the Slime and you will have a sticky mess on your hands...literally.

SO LET THE FUN BEGIN.................

First wash your hands and rub on some hand lotion. When playing with slime keep hands away from eyes, face, and mouth.Slime will stick to dirty, warm or dry hands. We recommend playing with slime on or over a clean kitchen counter top or on atray. It's important to handle slime quickly so it doesn't stick to your hands!Open the lid of your slime, leave your slime in the jar and push your fingers into the slime to see how sticky it feels. If it feels sticky use the Borax Activator Solution that came with your slime.

CLEAR: slime is stickier than other slime so put a couple of drops of activator on your hands and then feel the slime in the jar. Continue to add a few drops and mix in the jar until the clear slime feels good in your hands.For any other type of slime add 1 or 2 drops of activator directly into the tub and gently mix the activator into the slime in the tub and work it in. If it stills feels too sticky add another 1 or 2 drops of activator and mix in and continue until the slime texture feels good. It is recommended that you play with a little bit of the slime first before taking all the slime out of the jar.

CAUTION: Only add small amounts of activator at a time to prevent your slime from getting over activated as it will turn rubbery and will lose its stretchiness! Remember adding glitter or foam beads to your slime can also take away the stickinessand stretch so add these before adding the activator to prevent hard or non stretchy slime.


• Always wash your hands before and after playing with your slime.
• Always keep your slime in a closed container when not in use.
• Slime may shrink, evaporate, melt or change colour over time and if left in hot or sunny environments.
• It is recommended that you play with your slime on a clean table.
• Sometimes oily, sweaty or warm hands can make slime feel stickier.
• Remember if your slime feels sticky do the following:CLEAR slime, add a few drops of activator to your hands and then feel the slime in the jar. If still sticky add a few mores drops and continue until the slime texture feels good.
• For other types of slime add 1 or 2 drops of activator directly into the tub and work the activator into the slime in the tub. Keep doing this until the slime texture feels good. Please be careful not to add too much activator to your slime as it can ruin it.
• Avoid dropping any slime on clothes, hair carpets etc. If this does happen use white vinegar to dissolve and remove it.

Kydz Slime has some super satisfying qualities and can be really soothing to play with. In addition to really lovely scents, colour and textures, Kydz Slime can act as a stress reliever and you can squish, pop, press, and squeeze yourself into a calm and relaxed state!

Please do not play with any slime if you believe you are at risk of having an allergic reaction to any of the following ingredients. Glue, borax solution, common household toiletries such as hand and body lotion , shampoo, shaving cream and common craft items such as glitters, foam,beads, clays, craft paints, dyes pigments and acrylic paint.